We are in the mountainous heart of Gallura, at the foot of MountLimbara and at a  short distance from Tempio

The area is located inland of north of Sardinia, dominated by large wooded spots, dotted with pastures and slopes surmounted by granite rocks. Unlike many other hilly  areas of this part of the island, now transformed and altered by Human presence, the natural environment that welcomes the Agnata is still extremely rich, diverse and largely intact. An extraordinary numerous diversity of  plant and animal species are born and grow  spontaneously here,  thanks to the numerous sources of natural mineral waters, in an area that still preserves its unspoiled natural beauty.

From the top of the Hill named “Limbara”, at 1300 meters above sea level, you can gaze at the surrounding area, from the famous Costa Esmeralda to the white coast of Corsica.

Here in a flat close in the green embrace of cork oaks stands the Agnata. A small masterpiece perfectly integrated into the landscape, a magical and cosy retreat where silence & natural beauty reigns.

Just 10 km from the Hotel, along a road with typical sheepfolds and dry stone walls, through the places who Giuseppe Garibaldi loved, you will reach Tempio a very ancient city in the slopes of MountLimbara.

The Charming old town is ideal to break from the tranquillity of the Hotel for an afternoon or evening of social life, shopping  and a cultural experience including folklore, traditions food & wine. For a dip in the sea at half an hour’s drive you can reach Olbia a costal lively city and or the many attractions of the well-known and precious “ Costa Esmeralda “ which translates into “SmaragdCoast” due to is vibrant distinguished turquoise colours.

Sea Lovers can not miss a visit to “Portobello” , “ Costa Paradiso “ , “ S. Teresa Capo Testa “ and “The Valley of the Moon “ . There are countless possibilities to explore the area through green  routes and paths, to be  experienced  either by walking with outputs of trekking, Nordic walking or bicycle/mountain biking .

The Agnata promotes and supports the Gallura region through excursions to Limbara Hill in the area of Valliciola. There’s also a Butterfly garden to visit nearby some archaeological sites such as “Nuraghe Majiore” – Nurghe are prehistoric tower like stone structures found in Sardinia dating from the second millennium b.c.to the Roman conquest.

From Sassari , Palau Santa Teresa :

Once in Tempio head south and follow the signs “Oschiri “for 6 km, to the junction, on the right, “San Bachisio”

From Olbia

About 5 km before Tempio, deviate before the industrial area and head towards the main road Tempio – Oschiri . Take the direction Oschiri left and after about two hundred yards on the right follow the indication “San Bachisio . “