So Fabrizio De André wanted it with the passionate complicity of Dori Ghezzi. The romantic pergola, the trees, plants and flowers, the study of the spaces, the Zen fountain, are a hymn to the earth. The result of an inspired care and a deep love, which can still be breathed today and offer glimpses of poetic beauty at every step.

We are in the green and pulsating heart of the 150 hectares of the estate. A luxuriant oasis with poetic floral geometries meticulously designed by Fabrizio De André who at l’Agnata found himself fervent and passionate gardener. The garden is a triumph of vegetation, a hymn to the beauty of nature, its colors and its scents, among pendulous birches and almond trees, lemons and asphodels, cork and gorse. Figs and camellias. It was he who covered the facade of the farmhouse with the characteristic Canadian vine, inspired by the memories of childhood and the grandmother’s house in Piedmont. He also cultivated the vegetable garden bordering the garden and designed the splendid pergola that today serves as the entrance to the hotel.

The music of this garden is the rustle of the trees shaken by the mistral. It is the bubbling of water in the Zen fountain, obtained from an ancient goat drinking trough. It is the sound of the streams that flow behind the house and flow into the lake a few steps away, embraced by the forest of holm oaks and cork trees. Timeless music accessible to anyone with ears to listen to it.

We talk about the garden, but maybe we could venture to call it … Eden.