L’Agnata di De André boutique hotel invites mountain bikers to take enchanting itineraries to discover the charm of the Gallura hinterland. Take advantage of the experience of our guides and the best performing E-bikes on the market (min 1 – max 7 people).

Itinerary 1 – EASY RIDE

The tour is designed for your first e-bike experience where you can experience the joy of riding an extremely light and stable pedal assisted bike. Pedemontano path immersed in the woods of Alta Gallura with openings on panoramas of intense freshness and beauty.

Difficulty: low
Duration: 2/3 H
Lengths: approx. 20 km
Height: approx. 600m

Itinerary 2 – PANORAMA
Lu Passu-Vallicciola

An enchanting tour to discover Mount Limbara, ideal for people interested in nature, the environment and breathtaking landscapes.

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 4/5 H
Length: approx. 30 km
Height: approx. 800m

Itinerary 3 – TRAIL
Li Conchi-Vallicciola

This itinerary, among small valleys, ridges and granite peaks, is ideal for medium-high level cyclists who want to test themselves on technical routes.

Difficulty: medium-high
Duration: 4/5 H
Length: approx. 35 km
Height: approx. 1100 m

Itinerary 4 – ENDURO
Punta Balistreri-Fundu di Monti

This tour  is undoubtedly the most complex and articulated. Perfect for those who have a good workout, don’t tire easily and enjoy adrenaline.

Difficulty: high
Duration: 4/5 H
Length: approx. 40 km
Height: approx. 1200 m

Equipment for each itinerary:
The helmet is MANDATORY, if you don’t have it you can rent it
MTB or trainers shoes
Cycling shorts
Knee pads, elbow pads, back protector and reinforced backpack are SUGGESTED
Backpack with food, water and raincoat