L’Agnata di De André boutique hotel invites mountain bikers to take enchanting itineraries to discover the charm of the Gallura hinterland.

MOUNTAIN BIKE EXCURSION “Limbara, granite tops”
Route 1

A simple and flowing route, but of incomparable beauty, within the municipality of Tempio Pausania that allows you to reach the peak of Limbara. From its 1300 meters it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful panoramas in all of Sardinia.

Along the way you can admire wonderful landscapes: spiers and granite spurs surrounded by green Mediterranean scrub, while in the background you can see the land of Gallura, which fades towards the blue of the sea. This mountain bike itinerary will pass keeping an eye on the road and one on the landscape, first ascending altitude at the foot of the double spire of Monte Giugantinu up to the peak of Mount Limbara; to then descend, through bizarre sculptures of huge granite boulders, dirt roads, single tracks and numerous hairpin bends immersed in a thick bush. The route passes through many places, such as Curadoreddu, Abba Fritta and Vallicciola.

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MOUNTAIN BIKE EXCURSION “Giogantinu, Mistral and Granite”
Route 2

Inside the municipalities of Tempio and Calangianus, a difficult circuit bristling with climbs, which is gratifying by allowing you to get to the roof of Gallura and thus be able to admire the entire northern coast of Sardinia, up to the white cliffs of Corsica. In this territory, granite is the undisputed master from the top of Mount Limbara, which with a height of over 1300 mt AMSL it dominates the surrounding landscape and the renowned Costa Smeralda. The route is divided into the municipalities of Tempio Pausania and Calangianus for a drop of 1470 meters in just 45 km, on paths that go up to the imposing promontory “Monti Biancu”, and along which it is possible to visit the granite places that offer unforgettable panoramas.

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In order to protect an extremely rich and varied entomological heritage, with many species of rare butterflies, near Berchidda (OT) in the forest complex of southern Limbara, the Forestry Authority has created the Butterfly Garden. Visitors will be able to admire them in their free state from spring to autumn. Inaugurated on June 2009, it is now a popular and inevitable destination for those staying in this part of Gallura.

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