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Trekking excursion from Saltàra to Conca Abalta (15Km)

L’Agnata di De André invites trekking lovers to take this enchanting itinerary to discover the charm of the Gallura hinterland, in the deep north of the island. A long excursion of fifteen kilometers between stazzi and stone walls, in the places that Giuseppe Garibaldi loved so much. In fact, from Saltàra, through the adjoining Sarra Pauloni, passed the ancient road now disappeared, immersed as it is in the thick scrub, which connected Santa Teresa with Luogosanto and Aglientu. On that road in December 1855 Giuseppe Garibaldi arrived on horseback, accompanied in Saltàra by Count Pes (general steward of Sardinia) and by the Maddalenini brothers Francesco and Pietro Susini, who brought him to know the wild surroundings of Capo Testa, in the territory of Santa Teresa di Gallura.

During a hunting trip the General was struck by the beauty of some lands and decided to buy them on the spot. He negotiated the price with the owner, the shepherd Pietro Pilosu, who however did not want to sell them. A few days later, knowing that his interlocutor was Garibaldi, he was so embittered that he told the Susini that he was ready not to sell them, but to give them away for free. However, interest in Capo Testa had now faded.

Today in these historic places the forest reigns supreme, and in order to cross this rugged territory in trekking you must treasure some traces of cattle and the signs of the brushcutters of the breeders, determined to reconquer the pastures.

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