A strategic and privileged point to reach the most fascinating coasts of Sardinia. From the lively Costa Smeralda to Costa Paradiso and Santa Teresa di Gallura with Capo Testa and Valle della Luna.

Those who choose Sardinia as their travel destination know that the sea is not an accessory detail here. The sea in Sardinia is primary, vital element. It is the sea who transforms a rocky coast or a stretch of Mediterranean scrub into a corner of paradise. It is the sea who increases the suggestion of the places, which gives emotions when the sunset arrives and reveals magical nuances.

L’Agnata di De André is located in a strategic point for anyone wishing to treat themselves to a day at the beach. The location of the hotel is ideal for reaching the most fascinating coasts in the north, north-east and north-west of the island in 45 minutes /one hour by car.

As for example Costa Paradiso. The transparency of its waters is legendary and its seabed is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts.

A visit to Portobello is also inevitable, with its long and white beach, perfect for children thanks to its slight gradualness.

To the North we start in the direction of Capo Testa, with the beautiful Rena Maiori. White sands. Wonderful dunes. Never crowded even in the height of summer, it is the destination to choose for a break in the name of absolute peace.

The famous granite promontory of CapoTesta is truly spectacular, connected to the land by an isthmus 5 km west of Santa Teresa di Gallura. The landscape is characterized by granite rocks, which continue from the coast to below sea level.  At the end of the promontory are the lighthouse and a pedestrian area, where you can walk.

And for a dive of worldliness, always in one hour by car you can reach the lively Costa Smeralda. Without a doubt the best known part of Sardinia, whose name pays homage to the green and turquoise colors of its seas, embraced by beaches of fine white sand. Places of fun day and night, but always characterized by a wild and proud nature, with white granite rocks with unpredictable shapes, and with beaches, coves and inlets, with unparalleled beauty.